The design process begins with a personalised consultation with Daniel. He takes the time to understand your individual garden needs, styles, and what you aim to achieve. With years of design experience, Daniel can discuss various options and provide creative insights.

Consultations are commitment-free and serve as an opportunity to explore potential directions for your garden.

Consultations are $250 + GST (location-dependent).

Following the consultation, we develop a broad concept plan that includes hand-drawn sketches and mood boards to give you insight into our vision, with large construction elements clearly laid out along with generic trees, shrubs, and ground covers.

For an additional fee, we offer 3D rendering to help you visualise your new designed garden. During this stage, we discuss any changes you would like to make to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Once you are completely satisfied with the concept design, we complete an elaborate and detailed design ready for implementation.
This includes:

  • A detailed description of multiple species of plants that specifically suit the climate, region, and aesthetics of the house.
  • Extensive plant listings with plant care and blooming schedules.
  • Any extras, including personalized furniture specifically designed for the garden, 3D renders, etc.
  • Specifications for all building details and materials.
  • Plans with dimensions, scale, and all information required for your garden installation.

We are enthusiastic about following your garden installation from the concept all the way through to installation. We have trusted landscaping contractors familiar with our designs that we can recommend.

We offer an additional service to oversee this process and ensure everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

Soil and plant quality are pivotal to ensuring growth and achieving the desired outcome in your garden. We source high-quality plants from reputable growers and place the plants to ensure they are executed according to Daniel’s design vision.